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Best rental bikes in Holland

The bicycle equipment, together with the routes and accommodation, is one of the most important factors in creating a successful bike tour. We have chosen all the bike rental equipment with careful consideration; only the highest quality and they are all fully adapted to local cycling conditions. Every item has a proven track record regarding performance, reliability and safety. The range of gear is for all ages.

Tulip Cycling supports besides touring bikes; electric bikes, road bikes, tandem bikes and children bikes, all of them of Dutch top quality!

Your bicycle will be prepared for your arrival, taking into account your gender, height, personal requirements and your accessory reservation. A toolkit, tyre repair kit, mini-pump, cable-lock, water bottle and breakdown assistance are of course included in the rental price. Insurance can, if desired, be arranged. Feel free to bring your own saddle and/or pedals; please indicate this on the booking form.

  Thinking about bringing your own bike to Holland, instead of renting one of ours? Our experience tells us that air transporting cycles can be burdensome and risky (damages). Besides, your bike might not be best suited to European cycling conditions.

Adult bikes

With their years of experience, our technical staff are very selective when it comes to the quality of our bikes. Our multi-geared adult bikes, gents and ladies models, are manufactured by Koga. Their top-class aluminum hybrid models are built according to our own critical standards and specifications and are the best rental bikes you will find in Holland.

  Discover all the features of this very smooth-running two-wheeled 'Rolls-Royce' of a bicycle by moving the cursor over the green markers on the picture.
Hybrid-bike, E-bike, Tandem bike, Road bike rental Holland
Hybrid-bike, E-bike, Tandem bike, Road bike rental Holland
Hybrid bike, E-bike, Tandem bike, Road bike
Low effort 8-gear gripshift.
Clearly visible position indicator.
logo maximenuck 64
Adjustment of grip-
and handlebar angle.
logo maximenuck 64
magura hydraulic brakes

Brakes: Magura hydraulic brakes
Strong, responsive braking.
Effective lightweight fenders.
logo maximenuck 64
Tyres with anti-puncture Kevlar belt; rolls
as easily as a tire without protection.
logo maximenuck 64
Aluminium double butted rims
with excellent spoke fitting.
logo maximenuck 64
Both ladies- and gents frames in various sizes.
logo maximenuck 64
Ergonomic, gel padded seat.
logo maximenuck 64
Rear wheel lock, attached to the frame.
In addition to a (provided) cable lock.
logo maximenuck 64
Internal geared 8-speed hub. Reliable, easy and very smooth shifting.
Premium version with needle bearings: operates as smooth as a derailleur system.
Shimano Nexus speedhub
Gear ratio 307%; perfect for Dutch cycling conditions.
The table shows the relative gear ratio when used with a 20T sprocket;
the numbers in parenthesis show the sprocket size that each gear ration corresponds to in a derailleur system.Shimano Alfine speedhub

Electric bikes

An electric bicycle, also known as an E-bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. The electric assistance only complements, and therefore does not replace the necessary human pedaling power. The Dutch company QWIC manufactures electric bicycles with a very powerful and silent support, state-of-the-art components and the best performances ever seen.

qwic electric bike
Qwic electric bike the Netherlands

The mid-drive motor with hardened steel precision transmission offers optimum service life and reliability. The seamless integration of strength, rotation and speed sensors results in a spectacular intuitive support, translated from your driving. It’s advanced NuVinci N360 shifting system offers a seamless and easy drive with an exceptionally large switching range. This suits the powerful electric support of the E-bike perfectly. The E-bike is provided with 470Wh Li-ion batteries with the longest life cycle available and supports your daily bike trip without any problem. Charging is just necessary at night.

Road bikes

If you are looking for more challenging ‘tailor-made’ rides covering longer distances (e.g. 100 km per day), our ‘Giant’ road bikes would be the perfect choice to rent. They are light weight and have either aluminum or carbon frames. Together with high quality Shimano components and different types of cleat pedals, these ‘Giant’s will help you last the distance.

road bike tour Holland
road bike tour Holland

Children's bikes

Tulip Cycling offers a range of bikes and trailers suitable for children of all ages and gender. They are chosen and adjusted to fit each child's cycling ability and for their maximum safety and enjoyment. Your child's bike is selected from within the category below (based on a growth chart and also our own experience) and also your personal requests which you will have made on the booking form.
icon-hand  Any youth over 5'2" / 157 cm tall should get a small adult bike.

Bike assortment   Age
Child trailer   1-3 years
Child seat   2-4 years
Trailer bike/tag along   4-6 years
Follow Me   7-8 years
Child tandem   3-8 years
20"child bike   7-8 years
24"child bike   8-11 years
26"child bike   11-13 years

Child trailer and Child seat

Child trailer rental the Netherlands
Gave up cycling when the kids came along? Enjoy an outdoor holiday for the whole family with this Burley Cub child-trailer. A quality product, made with strong and lightweight materials. This trailer can carry one or two children and is very stable when towing. It has a Quick-release towing attachment. You can combine the trailer with a child seat so you give your child more options to join the ride.

Trailer bike/tag along

Tagalong and children tandems tours Holland
Trailer bike, also called 'slipstream' or 'tagalong'. One-wheel bike which had the front end attached to the adult bike. The natural step towards independent cycling and an invaluable way to share the joy of cycling with your child. You're in control while they're safely on their own bike behind you.

Child bike with FollowMe tandem

FollowMe tandem rental Holland
The FollowMe is a parent/child tandem. You can quickly attach your child's bike (20") to your own bike according to traffic situations or if they become tired. The clever tandem hitch lets you react quickly to changing situations, without the need for tools!

Child tandem

Child tandem bike vacation the Netherlands
The children sit in front on this tandem so they have a great view and quickly get a feeling for cycling in traffic. The front drivetrain operates independent so the children can pedal if they like.

Child bike

Children bike rental Holland
Safe, sturdy and easy to handle. Meeting all safety standards and best according to the experts and children!
Offered in three sizes:
20" wheel - 7-8 years
24" wheel - 9-11 years
26" wheel - 11-13 years


For some people it is hard to believe that, with the exception of racing-cyclists, most Dutch people (including children) cycle without a helmet. Bicycle lanes and paths are safe and motor traffic gives a lot of consideration to bikers. Tulip Cycling however fully respects your choice to wear a helmet. Bring your own or rent one of our TÜV tested helmets.
  • Light-weight
  • Three adult sizes (S/M/L)
  • Two children sizes
  • Back secure system


You could get caught in an occasional rain shower, even in the summer. That's why Holland is so fresh and green. So it is always advisable to take a rain-jacket with you, or you can rent one of our practical light-weight and strong nylon rain capes. 100% wind and waterproof. Including hood and integrated 'stowaway' cover.

Tools and miscellaneous

We always provide a small toolkit, a tyre repair kit, a mini-pump, a water bottle and a cable-lock with all the rental bikes.

 For information about our breakdown service please view the Support chapter.
The support given by Tulip Cycling was excellent. The equipment, choice of bike paths and the pre-programmed GPS made the whole experience one of pure delight and fun with gorgeous sights all the way, wonderful accommodations and easy travel.
Tissot family, USA
A wonderful trip!!! Thanks to Peter for all his help to make it so special (and for convincing me to do the trip without a tour group). We had such a great time. My two 10 year old girls had such a great fun (and were proud of their accomplishment). It is a of a trip we will all remember. Thanks for everything! I’ve already recommended you to friends.
Sharon Moore
Just returned from our fabulous journey from Amsterdam to Bruges. It was outstanding! The itinerary, the equipment (bikes, GPS, maps, etc.) and our guide Peter were fantastic. Peter really have deep knowledge of his country, what a memorable ride across the Netherlands.
Brigitte and Francois
Thank you for everything. We packed lots of memories into this trip. It was a grand way to learn about Netherlands and see what a cultured and friendly place it is.
The GPS was essential, and we are so glad we learned to use it. Everytime, we wondered where is Peter taking us? We would come across a canal, field of flowers, quaint village, spectacular scenery. Thank you so much.
Susan and Billy Hobart
You run a very professional organization and we look forward to more tours in the future. You have made us biking enthusiasts.
Michael and Chau Smith
Because of you we had a magnificient trip! I’m excited to tell all my friends about my trip and this lovely country and encourage them to come and visit and use Tulip Cycling to see the country.
Mary Thomas
I thought I would just let you know we are having such a GREAT TIME!! Maybe you can find a job for a orthodontist and a Radiologist for us.?
Louise Taillard, South Africa
Thank you so much for this very enjoyable experience! Your organizational skills and attention to detail are outstanding.
Barbara Morgan
Just to thank you again for the wonderful trip, yours was the 7th we made and one of our favorites now
Alicia Fuentes
My wife and I just finished a 4 day self guided tour. It was fabulous! Tulip planned a route that we never could have found on our own. The equipment and handling of our luggage made everything easy. We loved the trip!!
Bob Brownson
Thank you Tulip Cycling for a exciting and scenic 5 day tour through part of your beautiful country. Peter’s meticulous organisation and first class equipment made our ride a memorable one.
Geoff and Bethany Canberra Australia
Our friends recommended this cycling trip for my 50th birthday and it was a fabulous celebration-- by far the best family vacation we’ve ever taken! The route Peter crafted for us was perfect-- so beautiful! The hotels were quaint, food was delicious. And our 11 and 12 year old loved riding tandem. I cried when we had to go home. We’ve talked about this trip for months... can’t wait to return. A 5-star experience!
Jane and Mark
The trip overall was our favorite vacation we've ever taken. We feel privileged to have visited. As a lifelong cyclist, it was like visiting the promised land.
Katherine and Stephen Coleman, USA
Thank you for organizing our trip this summer, we had a fantastic time and will definitely return in the future. We had so many good experiences traveling along the countryside enjoying the scenery and weather.
Auburn and Sean Brady, USA
We had a great time in Holland.
Thank you for everything.
Carvajal family, Mexico
Our memories are still fresh in our minds and we loved every minute of out time in the Netherlands. Your company ensured the cycling portion was flawless and most enjoyable. Thank you for providing top quality bicycles and support equipment.
John and Peg Lalonde, Canada
The tour was wonderful, and I've recommended your services highly to my friends. In particular, the route selection was superb.
Judith Macaluso, USA
We had the most wonderful holiday with your company and I wish to say a big thank you for all your hard work and professionalism in ensuring we had the best possible experience.
Gillian and John Au, UK
Tulip Cycling just got better!
We do a weeks self guided tour with Tulip Cycling every year and have now been cycling for 9 years each time in a different area of this lovely country.
John and Christine Widdowson, UK
Our trip with you was fantastic....and we've told many others about it. The GPS made it unique.
Martens family, USA
We have recommended your business to many people – as we had a terrific cycling trip, due to your professional organisation and fabulous path routing. The GPS was brilliant and the route really showcased the variety of experiences available in the Netherlands – there is no better way to see a country than through the eyes of a local.
Thank you, again.
Richard Lewis
It was truly an extraordinary journey, where everything was carefully prepared by you and your staff.
We were enchanted by the landscapes of flower fields, windmills, canals, small towns and by the kindness with which we were treated by the Dutch people. It was really unforgettable days that make us want to return, and invite our friends as well.
Emerson de Carvalho
Tailor made tour for 3 days of cycling for my husband, me and teenage son! Fantastic bikes, superb organization!!! A fantastic get away and we just had to show up. Lots of opportunity to add in our own stops along the way, the route details, booked hotels and luggage transport made for a stress free journey. Peter is outstanding and lives what he does. Every detail taken care of do you can just get on the bike pedal away with your GPS route!
We did a six day ride in June to mark my 70th birthday. The accommodations were amazing; small, neat, clean hotels and bed and breakfasts. The GPS was a little iffy for us, but Peter always answered our call for a quick fix! I would love to come back and do another ride.
Terry Dickow
Yes, one can DIY a bike trip around the country, but we believe that the depth of knowledge that Tulip provided for our ride took us to and through places that we would not otherwise have experienced just following a map or Google Maps over 16 days. We believe Tulip provided very good value and we recommend them highly.
Julie So
We asked Peter to plan a ride on our tandem from Amsterdam to Ghent, Belgium in 8 days in September 2018. He planned the route, with beautiful maps and excellent GPS, arranged the hotels and the luggage transport. We even go to almost see the King in The Hague.
Only thing he couldn't control was the weather, when a storm blew in from the North Sea. We got a bit wet and wind-blown, but thoroughly enjoyed all of his arrangements.
Dolly Craft
We did the short version of the historic town. It was perfect for us as an American family of four with two teenage kids (13 and 16). If we ever get another chance, we would do it again and probably build in more days to the trip to just enjoy the different towns.
Samantha Pearson
My husband and I did a 1-week tour through parts of the Netherlands in May 2018 and we loved our experience. Peter and Tulip Cycling were amazing! The level of detail and organization is spectacular! Communication with Peter is easy and quick. Our experience was so good that we are returning again next year with a large group! I highly recommend this tour company - you will be very pleased with the service!
Natascha Wesch
We were very happy with your cycling service. The e-bikes and GPS were an excellent choice for us as was your instruction at the outset. The Hanseatic tour was very interesting and the countryside beautiful. We particularly noticed how friendly and helpful the people in Holland are. We also noticed a more positive attitude about cyclists by motorists in Holland compared to motorists in Canada.
Jim May
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